Joshua Tree National Park

Bobby Pin  is an award-winning independent film producer and a published photographer whose career experience includes projects with Javiya Films, Hupubirds Films and Imaginaut Entertainment.  His passion in feature films began before Bobby graduated from college, working as a production assistant on Phillip Kan Gotanda's 'Life Tastes Good'.  

Bobby produced two award-winning independent short films MAYA and Chyanti working with award-winning director Veemsen Lama.  He also served as the project manager for Josh Yeo's Burning Man 'Time Traveler Elevator' an honorarium art project for Burning Man 2017.

Bobby is currently co-producing 'Brahmaand' a short film trilogy with Hupubird Films and Bollywood director Ashok Yadav.  Please visit our Indiegogo page for more details and donate here.