Joshua Tree National Park

Bobby Pin  is an award-winning independent film producer and a published photographer whose career experience includes projects with Javiya Films, Hupubirds Films and Imaginaut Entertainment.  His passion in feature films began before Bobby graduated from college, working as a production assistant on Phillip Kan Gotanda's 'Life Tastes Good'.  In 2015, he produced the award-winning independent short film MAYA, and Bobby is an executive producer on Chyanti (won best dramatic short film 2017 at the El Dorado Film Festival) working with award-winning director Veemsen Lama.

Bobby is currently co-producing a short film with Hupubird Films and Bollywood director Ashok Yadav in December. Bobby is also working with the talented Josh Yeo (director and writer of the award-winning short film 'Deep Playa Sunrise') and as a project manager on 'Time Traveler Elevator', an honorarium art project for Burning Man 2017.