Joshua Tree National Park Calendar 2018

 While I was working with 2 clients in Palm Springs and at the Joshua Tree National Park, I discovered that the gift shop didn't have any coffee mugs for sale.  Of course, that led me to the opportunity to make mugs with my images on them. And that's how I was asked to make a calendar for the Joshua Tree National Park as well. 

After months of working on a short film, I finally got a chance to make that calendar. Hopefully they will like it as much as I had fun making it.

Sand & Sea Photo Exhibit Swept San Francisco!!

June 3, 2017 the day after our successful Sand & Sea Photo Exhibit with Laura Wais at the Canessa Gallery in San Francisco,I take a deep breath & reflect. It was a beautiful blend of images of the glowing desert and the watery magical sea.

Moscow Mule served with an umbrella and lime while guest were enjoying the artwork and poetry by SicatriX. Both men and women seemed to be floating back and forth to see all the different images created by me & Laura Wais. We want to thank everyone that came to our show and supported our art, life and love.

Your Place. Your Shoot™: Fresno/Gary

I love it when I can combine my love of photography and traveling together. Gary, a very talented singer from New Delhi, reached out to me when I was traveling to Fresno, California. He wanted some photos to use for his new album. The camera definitely loves him!

Check his awesome music video -> 'DESIFORNIA' 

Contact Me to Shoot Your Next Album Cover or Portrait: HERE

Chyanti First Look!

Veemsen Lama, the director, sends me the first edit of Chyanti yesterday. First, I couldn't believe how beautiful the film looked, the mountains and scenery looked as breath taking as it did when I was there and the timeless tale fills my heart with warmth and longing. Each frame was made with love and hard work and I couldn't wait to see the next scene. I want to say what thank you to everyone that worked on this beautiful and powerful story. I'm looking forward to the day when I'm sitting in the auditorium with Chyanti's cast and crew and I hear  ‘the winner is…’ 


Shyam Khadka...Father

Babita Tamang...Mother

Sangita Tamang...Sani

Kaushal Pandit...Goat Seller


Veemsen Lama...director

Sampada Malla...screenwriter & executive producer

Tom Cullingham...producer

Ashok Yadav...producer

Bobby Pin...executive producer 

Roger Cullingham...associate producer

Brent Curless...associate producer

Oliwia Siem...associate producer

Peter Stelzhammer...associate producer

Jeff Tobak...associate producer

Kevin Wallace...associate producer


Arran Green...director of photography

Kaushal Pandit...production manager

Bimba Adhikari...first assistant director

Peet boy electric

Michael Ling...sound editor


Biki Gurung...editor

Joseph Bicknell...colorist

Niel Chiu...storyboard artist


Eyaz Chishty...special thanks

Nicholas Collins...special thanks

Marie Dubreuil...special thanks

Jim Pearson...special thanks

David Stelfox...special thanks

Stuart Tunstall...special thanks

Gope Walker...special thanks

Barbara Webb...special thanks