my first time...

Advance Scuba Diving Training! Must get an Advance Scuba Diving Certification! And I do with the help of Maui Dream Dive Co. They are my favorite dive company I use to continue my underwater skills and further my diving knowledge. I adore the owners, Rachel & Don, the super fun staff and the knowledgeable instructors. I highly recommend them for any diving needs and exotic diving excursions. Next year I will be diving with them in the Philippines and Fiji. 

In order to get my advance scuba diving certification, I had to pick a couple 'elective courses' and of course I chose underwater photography as one of my electives and I'm super thrilled about this. 

Scott my instructor is experienced, chill and all around a super nice guy. On the first day, he guides me through a navigation course, peak performance buoyancy drills and later shortly after sunset a night dive. Honestly, I wasn't too thrill about the night dive, but I end up seeing a lot of nocturnal sea creatures that could easily be on my next dinner plate, slipper lobsters and crabs. 

The next morning we head out on the boat to finish my last two dives: deep diving and underwater photography. (Yay!) At Molokini Crater I slowly descend to 100 feet. Next we cruise to Stonewall and I dive in a drift, as the current is gently swaying me back and forth, I try my darnedest to keep steady to take photos. And Voilà!  Here are the results from my first time at underwater photography.