name dropp'in, stars popp'in, heart rise'in

It’s Monday today exactly a month ago I was in Michigan visiting my family.  Speaking of Michigan, I’m currently getting ready to have my photography show at Canessa Gallery in San Francisco with Ron Lussier. I have decided to show work of my hometown Detroit, especially images from the infamous Packard Plant. I recently heard that an investor purchased it and wanted to convert it to condos and shops. Ron will showcase his wonderful portraits of furries. (Please look up ‘furries’ if you don’t know what they are or see photo below.) It will be a very fun & festive evening with our talents on display and friends and fans of our community colliding just for one night on November 7th.  I imagined the opening reception will be like a scene from a Fellini movie shot today in HD with furries, burners, drag queens and socialites.

Ron Lussier and Furries more at

Furries & Despair Show  Nov.7th 2014

Since I got back from Detroit, I was a bit in shock and extremely excited to see an email from Tom Bianchi, the incredible iconic male nude photographer. I wrote him earlier and I told him how much I loved his work, especially during the 70’s on Fire Island.  Of course Tom was a groundbreaker with his art and I was only an infant at the time. I told him“there is an excitement and an unspoken mystery that you capture during those times…but I can also feel that many of your male companions are no longer with us, they quietly echo that through your photos, like the wind that brushes through my hair - it gently reminds me to breathe.”

 Tom's Reply:

 Bobby -

Thanks for your kind words - that's about as good a review as any artist could hope to have - poetic actually - much appreciated. I hope this finds you well. We didn't make it to the Pines this summer - focused on our LA show etc. here.  But next summer we'll be back and if you ever get this way we'd expect you at our pool for a drink :-) Tom

 Wow! I was brimming with such excitement making deliberate plans to meet Tom and then I remembered that I will be in P-Town next November but I’m sure the season would be over by then and no drink with Tom. I indeed need to find an opportunity to meet Tom next summer on Fire Island.

Tom Bianchi's Fire Island Pines Polaroids 1975-1983

A week ago I’m in San Francisco Chinatown running errands and in the corner of my eyes I catch a very beautiful Asian woman walking towards me.  Suddenly I recognized that iconic beauty! It was Joan Chen! So I go running up the hill breathless and I say hello and I told her that I’m a huge fan. I asked her if I could take a picture of us. At first she was very reluctant to do so but with my enthusiasm bubbling overboard she agreed for two quick photos on my phone.

Actress Joan Chen and I

Actress Joan Chen and I

I actually indirectly worked with Joan Chen about 16 years ago during IFFCON (the international film financing conference) created by Wendy Braitman. I was an assistant/volunteer the first year (I had one year left still in film school at the time – graduated in 1999) and by the second year, I was doing more things for the conference. One of my duties was to help out with the taping of Joan Chen's interview about her directorial debut for her new film “Xiu, Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl” at KQED. Of course, Joan was polite, professional, intelligent and informative.  I’m so lucky to run into such a legend and a star!

Pretending to take Dan's Photo

Cold Stare from George Lucas


Yesterday I went kayaking and then lunched at Larkspur Landing in Marin.  I haven’t been to this area but I was always curious about this quintessential outdoor market place. Shortly after ordering I directed my attention to the next table and saw George Lucas sitting there. A sudden rush went straight to my heart; I really wanted to take a photo with him but knew that it was rude to interrupt him during his lunch with his family.  So I tried to play it off by pretending to take photos of Dan but George knew instantly what was up my sleeves and shot me a cold stare. Even though it was not the picture I desired but the photo did capture that fleeting moment… a time not so long ago in a galaxy not so far away when I saw George Lucas.