Thanksgiving with Friends & Sim Van de Ryn, Point Reyes California

Coyote spent a lot of time researching for the right house to spend with our friends for Thanksgiving. The time and research was well spent; he rented the Eco Refuge plus an additional cottage called "The Roost" with a chicken coop also on the five acre property.

The Eco Refuge was built by Sim Van der Ryn, he called himself the triple "A": Architect, Author and ArtistVan der Ryn was appointed California State Architect in the administration of Governor Jerry Brown, during which time he developed the United States' first government-initiated energy efficient office building program and led adoption of energy standards and disability access standards for all construction in California. (source from Wikipedia)

What a treat this is going to be! A little relaxation, hiking & photography made for a whole lot of things I can be grateful for. Thank-you Coyote, Sim Van der Ryn and our friends that made this thanksgiving a fantastic memorable trip.