Heading Home

I'm preparing a trip to see my family in Michigan for the Labor Day week. Conveniently my aunt and her daughter from Florida will also be there. 

I'm always excited for the possibilities of taking amazing pictures when I travel; one of my many joys of being a photographer is exploring familiar landscapes with a fresh pair of new eyes.

The last time I was there a friend took me to the Packard Plant in Detroit to shoot some pictures that will be the center of my show in San Francisco this November.

Motown Entertainers  bobby pin ©

Above is a picture I took from my last visit at the Eastern Farmers Market in the heart of Detroit. Bustling with people on the streets, my main focus was on my nephew; he is in the foreground of this photograph. But as soon as these Motown entertainers entered my sight line, I couldn't be more thrilled to capture this fleeting moment. I was able to snap a couple of pictures, however; I did regret not photographing their backsides. The male performer was wearing ass-less gold sequin pants. 

 I’m looking forward to my visit back home.