Philippines iPhone Photos 2015

Two weeks diving in the Philippines with Maui Dreams Dive Co. offers me a chance to get some time in the ocean, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. One week at the Atlantis Dive Resorts and one week on the Atlantis Azores Live Aboard  is a dream come true!

Our Maui Dreams Diving Group is a delight to be with and the Atlantis Resort Crew offers first class service the second we arrive. Thank you everyone for making this adventure amazing! I apologize I didn't get to photograph everyone on this trip. 

The Philippines' seas and marine life is as diverse as the country's landscape. A visit to Chocolate Hills and a tour to a Tarsier Sanctuary were just some of the highlights of this beautiful country.

A visited to Apo Island was a fun one day excursion. Walking around the small island with the soft breeze blowing on face and feeling blessed.

And lastly, I adore all the beautiful children's smiles, watching them playing on the beach and just having fun melted my heart.