Penis van Gogh™ Portrait Series Debut at the 12" of Sin Exhibition in Las Vegas! (NSFW) Warning: Male Nudity

A few days before Christmas, I opened my email and I saw "12 Inches of Sin - CONGRATULATIONS" on the subject line. My heart beat faster and faster as I continued reading the rest of the email from the fabulous Dr. Laura Henkel, the gallery owner of Sin City Gallery in Las Vegas.

"Dear Artists...Your works were reviewed by 24 international judges who are leaders in the field of art, education and media...I will contact you in January to coordinate the arrival of your art for the April 9th exhibition. Please note that your artwork will be available at Sin City Gallery for one year and will be available for sale on the 12 inches of Sin's website...Again, congratulations! It is such an honor to present your work.  Happy Holidays, Dr. Laura"

Wow! How awesome is that! What a great early Christmas present! 

The Penis van Gogh project raises awareness for men to get tested for testicular cancer.  Men of all ages, sizes and races came to support the cause by having their genitals painted and photographed. With a little creativity, some paint and a whole a lot of fun, the Penis van Gogh Series was inseminated. 

I hope everyone can make it to the opening reception night on April 9, 2016 to support my cause and my art. There will be hundreds of artwork, people and plenty of great memories from Sin City Gallery in Las Vegas (Map). Remember, what happens in Vegas...