Small Crew, Big Location, Solid Script -> CHYANTI

Who knew within 24 hours I would be greeted with beautiful traditional silk Nepalese scarves around my neck from (director) Veemsen Lama of Javija Films and (producers) Tom Cullingham, Hupu Ashok Yadav and (screenwriter) Sampada Malla (both just finished Bollywood's Kerry On Kutton - soon to be release feature).

The next day I'm back at the airport to help pick up (DP) Arran Green and (Location Sound) Michael Ling and then we whisk away to Sampada's Dad's (Ashesh Malla) Famous Acting Theatre in Kathmandu. We meet (PM) Causall Vedder and (AD) Bimba Adh for pre production on CHYANTI.

Up the next morning at 4:30AM to load the truck with camera and light gear and 10 hours on a curvy bumpy road to the mountains, Mustang - North of Kathmandu.  Next day we are immediately on a tight shooting schedule due to uncooperative weather, people getting sick, working with both kids and animals, not having enough of the right kind of lights, crowd control that is out of control, etc. 

A week later and it's a WRAP!! I wouldn't trade my life with anyone. I feel so lucky to be working with an amazing and hard working cast and crew. I feel so blessed and fortunate to be given a tiny role in helping independent filmmakers, storytellers and artists to get a chance to have a voice in this world that can make a big difference.